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We create multi-functional home gyms, better than your local commercial gym and perfectly tailored to your health and fitness goals. We'll design your home gym, supply the equipment and we'll even do the installation, free of charge.

A personal gym is every home owners dream, we help make that a reality.

We provide a complete, bespoke home gym design and installation service. From start to finish, we cover the entire process. This means we supply, deliver and fit premium gym equipment such as racks, rigs and machines to create a stunning and multi-functional home gym. On top of this, we also provide any building or construction work needed to ensure your vision for your home gym is met. To understand more about how we work, see Our Process page for more information.

Creating a sanctuary of health, fitness and exercise within our customer's homes is what we're passionate about. We're here to remove the stress of working with multiple building contractors and we're here to remove the stress of your delivery by unloading, unpacking and fitting your new gym equipment. We'll even demonstrate how to safely and properly use your new gym equipment so that you're good to go.

It's the complete package!

Who should get a home gym and why they need to get one?

You may be just starting or are a seasoned gym professional, but one thing is certain, you have a space in your home where a gym should be. More people are looking to get fitter, faster or more muscular. The health benefits of regular and consistent exercise is unparalleled and so having a space within your home to work out makes perfect sense. Our clients, who are all different and at different stages of their fitness, usually have a good idea of what they want to achieve but don’t worry if you don’t, as there are plenty that get in touch that are just starting out and just want expert, professional advice on getting the right combination of exercise equipment at the right price. We're here for you, so just get in touch.

  • Putting your health & fitness first

    With a gym at home, you're making an active choice to prioritize your health and fitness. And, you'll end up looking amazing!

  • Work out according to your schedule

    Save the commute time AND no more waiting for gym equipment to be free.

  • Make use of unused space

    If you have empty space around the home what better way to fill it with premium, functional gym equipment.​

Why choose us?

We live and breath the gym industry. More specifically, our team has been in it for over decade, installing commercial gym equipment for some of the largest gym groups the UK. It was only natural for us to bring our expertise into people’s homes.

We're also fortunate enough to be the trusted partners of some of the best and most premium suppliers of gym equipment within the fitness industry. This puts us in an incredible position to source only the best gym kit.

We take care of our customers and we’re there with you through the whole journey, from finding out about your needs, to designing your home gym with 3D CAD drawings to ensure the space is properly utilised and finally the delivery & installation of your gym equipment in your home.

This is why we also source and supply all the accessories, lighting and flooring to ensure your home gym is of the highest caliber. Quite simply, the transformation of the space in your home will probably end up better and more functional than your local gym.


Take the next steps in building your dream home gym

We only need you to answer a few questions and we'll be able to provide you with a free quote and work out what's best for you.

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Convert unused space within your home with a free gym installation

If we didn't mention it already then yes, you've heard it right. We will fit and install your brand new home gym equipment for free. Let's just repeat that... we will do your home installation, free of charge. This means we don't just deliver the equipment and leave it at the curbside. Neither do we simply move it into your home for you unpack and build. We offer the complete package. This means assessing your home for the most suitable fit, unpacking the equipment, putting it together and if it's required, plastering the walls, inserting the flooring and working with the electrics to ensure you have the perfect lighting. This isn't about just dumping a bench in the spare room. We want to create the atmosphere, ambience and energy of a premium gym.

Hear from some of our wonderful customers...

Customer Success Stories

We've been lucky enough to meet many different types of people with different types of needs. They welcome us into their home and let us get to work on their home gym installation. They're always so happy when the job is complete and their home gym setup is suitable to their lifestyles as well as their health and fitness goals.