Commercial gym installation in Solent, Southampton

We were asked by our commercial gym client Crossfit to design and build an area at their fantastic gym in Southampton. The gym is focused on providing an inclusive space for people of all types and fitness levels to go and workout in.

We consulted with the client to assess what they wanted from the new equipment and found out they wanted a multi-use space for bringing Squats, pull ups and dips into their workouts.

The framework they had in mind was to fill a large area over 11 metres long and 3 metres high, around floor to ceiling pillars that were supporting the roof. We designed the build around Again Faster equipment and got 4 stations out of the 11 metre space.

Again Faster are a specialist manufacturer of high quality strength and conditioning equipment and have purpose built this range of Olympic barbells, plates and other fitness equipment. They are well known for their durable equipment designed for high volumes of traffic use which makes them perfect for a very busy commercial gym in Southampton.

The imposing station fills the space perfectly and provides members with a great opportunity to get lots of different workouts from one piece of kit. It sits bolted to the floor on 30mm rubber gym flooring designed to reduce noise and impact during high intensity training. The rig will provide people of all levels of fitness and strength with a great range of exercises like:

Squats – A great exercise that works lots of muscle groups from your gluteus maximus to your abdominals and can be done with or without weights so is an ideal exercise for beginners to gym regulars. Squats burn calories and build muscle fast especially when you add in weights to the fitness equation. Doing them on a regular basis say 3 times a week to start will also help with your flexibility, mobility and balance. If you maintain these exercises, there are also other health benefits like strengthening your heart and lungs too.

Pull ups – This compound exercise also works lots of different muscle groups and requires only a bar to get you started. Lifting you body weight will build muscle and your grip strength will also go through the roof if done on a regular basis as part of your workout routine. Once you master the basics there are a number of variations to this exercise that will work different muscles and have different benefits like reversing your grip or going with a wider starting position to make the exercise much more difficult.

Dips – This classic exercise will build upper body strength and mass really effectively. The exercise involves you using parallel bars to dip your body downwards and then lift yourself back up. Once mastered at a basic level you can add weights around your neck and start dipping like a pro!

We hope this will inspire you to start your fitness improvement journey and want you to know that, here at Prime Home Gyms no matter what you start point is our expert team can help you design your own home gym installation to give you a great platform on which to start smashing your goals and improving your strength and fitness.

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