Garage Gym Flooring & Mirrors

We turn an ordinary garage into a functional gym space by installing gym flooring & mirrors

No garage gym is a real gym without the right flooring & mirrors

We can supply, deliver and install gym flooring and mirrors for your garage to level up your home gym.

You might already have some epic kit but, you're workouts are limited without gym flooring. You can't freely drop a bar after a heavy lift or, it feels uncomfortable for your functional or yoga sessions. Mirrors are also key for monitoring form & technique.

Our mission is to ensure our customer's have the perfect gym space for their health and exercise goals and we'll stop at nothing to make this happen.

Supplied, Delivered & Installed.

"I cannot even express how much I love having a home gym, in the garage, on my doorstep"

The right flooring and mirrors for you & your space

There isn't always a 'one size fits all'. We'll suggest and recommend the best depth of flooring to protect underneath and we'll advise on the placement of mirrors and cut them to size.

20mm Rubber Gym Flooring
The standard flooring tile for garage gym spaces
High Impact Tiles
Extra bounce. Best for protecting underneath the tiles.
Gym Mirrors
Standard 6ft x 4ft or Cut to size

Don't put off turning your garage gym into the real deal

We only need you to answer a few questions and we'll be able to provide you with a free quote.

Let's Go!

No space is off limits

Whether it's your garage, a spare room, up stairs or down stairs, in a conservatory, an outbuilding, wherever. We can fit the best gym flooring for you and our installers will custom cut some tiles to ensure the entire space is floored.