Home Fitness – Am I too old to break a habit of a lifetime?

It’s never too late to change your habits for the better and put home fitness on your daily agenda.

Research shows that no matter how old you are changing your habits for the better makes a big difference to your well being

For example If you have never exercised before or haven’t exercised for a long time, you can change this habit by doing a little bit at a time, the important thing is to make this a habit, it could be the first thing you do in the morning, you get up freshen up grab a cup of coffee and the next thing you do is your workout, if you can stick to this routine for a week or so it will quickly turn into a habit, plus you will feel physically and mentally 10 times better for the rest of the day

Recommended home fitness exercises for the older generation
20-30mins a day max

3-5 mins warm up:

Jog on the spot for 1 minute moving your arms around like a bird

10 squats (go as low as you can)

10 lunges making sure you knee gets as close to the ground as you possibly can or halfway
Home fitness workout no equipment needed
3x 10 mini squats

3x 10 half Lunges 5 per leg

3x 10 Sit to stand- sit in a chair and stand up

3 x 10 wall press up (put your hands on the wall and push your chest towards the wall making sure your legs are at an angle)

3×10 biceps curls (you can use water bottles for this)

Cool Down:

Sit on the floor keep you legs straight and try and touch your toesStand up stretch one arm horizontally to the left or right hold position for 15 secRotate both arms clockwise then anti-clockwise in a slow motionStretch your quads lean against something in a standing position and grab your foot and stretch your leg so that your foot touches your bum and hold for 15 secs make sure you keep your back straight

Make sure that you practice deep breathing during these exercises

And that’s it!!!

Home fitness - Train Like a Pro Part 1

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