We specialise in converting spare rooms & garages into awesome home gyms.

From start to finish, we design, supply and install home gyms. Reach out to us for a free quote by filling out the form.

A personal gym is every home owners dream, we help make it a reality.

We provide a complete, bespoke home gym design and installation service to convert your home into a full gym. From start to finish, we cover the entire process. This means we supply, deliver and fit premium gym equipment such as racks, rigs and machines to create a stunning and multi-functional home gym. On top of this, we also provide any building or construction work needed to ensure your vision for your home gym is met.

It's the complete package!


Why should you get a home gym?

  • Putting your health & fitness first

    With a gym at home, you're making an active choice to prioritize your health and fitness. And, you'll end up looking amazing!

  • Work out according to your schedule

    Save the commute time AND no more waiting for gym equipment to be free.

  • Make use of unused space

    If you have empty space around the home what better way to fill it with premium, functional gym equipment.​

  • 44% Increase

    A home gym adds the greatest value for U.K. home renovations. Houses with gyms have sold for as much as 44% more. It's not just a luxury, it's an investment.

We convert rooms or garages of size into a usable gym space.

Everything we do is completely to your requirements. The size of the room, how much you want to dedicate to gym space, If you need to think about storage options. Sometimes simplicity can be key or sometimes, you may need a to work to particular specifications, we can help with it all. We'll throw out some suggestions and recommendations when required because well, we've done this so many times.

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We've been lucky enough to meet many different types of people with different types of needs. They welcome us into their home and let us get to work on their home gym design and installation. They're always so happy when the job is complete and their home gym setup is suitable to their lifestyles as well as their health and fitness goals.

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We’ve got tonnes of awesome kit for you to try out. Why not meet the team and tell us your plans for your home gym. Our address is Prime Home Gyms, Unit 2A Handlemaker Road, Frome, BA11 4RW.

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