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Our client wanted a home gym installation to transform an unused downstairs space in his property into a home gym. The 26 Sq Ft space had a great view to the garden through bi-fold doors which would make this particular room even better in the warm summer months.  

We had an initial consultation where our client outlined his personal objectives, and we discussed the type of exercise he wanted to do and his goals for the home gym. After an hour we had a good idea about what he was looking for and went away to design and plan the space and get a quotation.  

Home gym installation brief

Our expert design team looked at the floor plan and mapped out a simple yet productive gym that would come in on budget. The client wanted to work on muscle and so this gym is perfectly designed for lifting and training in a way that will promote this muscle growth. The half rack will provide the framework to do exercises like squats and lunges and we suggested the Apollo half rack with additional storage shelves for his dumbbells and kettlebells. He also added an Elite men’s barbell, shown on one of the images we have uploaded here. 

The Apollo half rack is fantastic for this type of space as it is a modular system meaning you can always add to it. The space saving rack comes in different colours and you can add attachments to them like landmines and dip stations as well as other items including spotter arms. We added Apollo storage shelving that take dumbbells, kettlebells, plates, wall balls and med balls to neatly store all the gym accessories away and up against the back wall.  

Home gym installation flooring

For the flooring and to protect and reduce the noise of the gym we fitted commercial grade 30mm impact flooring to the entire space, nothing but the best for our clients! 

The least bit of kit we installed was the Apollo Elite adjustable weight bench with a range of adjustments from inclined to flat this durable and robust bench will stand the test of time. It is perfect for exercises like shoulder presses to chest flies and lots of other muscle building routines that our client will enjoy doing for many years to come.  

Last up the weights, we supplied Apollo plates, dumbbells and kettlebells of various weights to finish things off and he’s now ready to get going.  We are really happy with this one and our client is too, if you are planning your home gym conversion please get in touch and let us help you get the right blend of products to meet your fitness goals, our expert team are ready and waiting to help you design, plan and install a home gym fit to meet you requirements and last for many years. 

Home fitness - Train Like a Pro Part 1
Commercial gym installation in Solent, Southampton

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