If it belongs in the gym, we've got it or we can source it.

We only work with the best brands in the fitness industry that supply gym equipment.

Our relationship with these brands means we have access to state of the art home gym equipment at all times. We don't ever put a higher price on this equipment either. However much a piece of gym equipment retails for, is what we'll sell it for too. On top of this, we can unpack, build and install this gym equipment for you.

Racks & Rigs

A rack or rig is essential for any gym goer who likes to work on their strength training and likes a variety of exercises for lifting heavy weights. The great thing about racks is the sheer number of exercises you can do with them. We can sell these as just the racks themselves but we really recommend installing the complete package that comes with the plates, the bar, the bench, shelves and safety catches. With a complete rack, you'll be able work on your bench press, dead lifts, shoulder press, pull ups, dips and many other exercises. We can source a range of different racks provided from a variety of brands, each with different advantages and price points. Don't worry though, we'll guide you in the right direction.


Cable Machines

Cable machines are awesome because the provide a constant amount of tension and resistance on your muscles as you do each rep. They're also really good for isolating certain muscles if there's particular areas you'd like to see improvements. Again, cable machines or pulleys are extremely versatile and be used in so many ways. Chest, back, shoulder, bicep, leg and core exercises are all taken care of by a cable machine and with adjustable weights, you can naturally progress and go up when it suits you.



It's funny isn't it - that a simple bench can be used in so many of ways for so many different exercises. Of course, you can use them without weights and use your body weight with it but ideally, you should be taking your training to the next level and at least using some free weights with a bench. We supply different types of benches each again, with different benefits. Adjustable benches will allow you to isolate different muscle groups and we can even source benches that come with storage options.



Is a gym really a gym without a treadmill? Treadmills have been the most used and purchased piece of gym equipment for home gyms. Producers of treadmills have kept up with technology and modern treadmills are fantastic for encouraging you to train harder and condition your anaerobic system. People often think that you need to run on a treadmill for hours and hours but this isn't the case. Even using a treadmill for a short period of time each day with sets of high intensity runs or sprints can be so beneficial. And, of course, if you'd like a more steady paced and relaxing run you can also use the controls to manage this.


Other cardio equipment

There are many other machines that are used for cardio that a lot of people prefer over a treadmill. Or, they just want another piece of cardio equipment as they come with different benefits. Rowing machines, assault bikes, ski machines and cross steppers are just some of the other types of cardio equipment usually found in a commercial gym. If there's any piece of cardio equipment you'd like or need, we're able to find the best and most suitable version for you.


Free weights

Free weights such as dumb bells, kettle bells and barbells are essential for any home gym and they come in a variety of sizes, weights, shapes and materials to suit any kind of fitness levels and needs. Used on there own or paired with a bench you can work on many different muscle groups and we source only the best free weight equipment that's currently on the market.



Functional training is becoming a lot more popular because of the enjoyable nature of it. Medicine balls, boxes, plyometric platforms, sandbags and ropes provide a amazing way to be able to create circuits, so you're doing many exercises at a high intensity whilst working many different muscle groups.



An incredible workout for conditioning and really beneficial for blowing off some steam. We can source all the boxing equipment you need and install a bag in your home so you can work on your boxing technique and get fit at the same time. If you think that you don't have space or the structural integrity to fit a bag in your home, let us have a look and we'll see what we can come up with.


Flooring, Lighting & Mirrors

We're about creating the ambience, atmosphere and energy of a real gym. This not only keeps you motivated and encourages you to train hard because it puts your mindset into a gym environment but it also allows you a bit more freedom with dropping heavier weights on the floor after a big lift or checking your form in the mirror to ensure your getting your technique right - let's admit it, is there anything better than watching your form and seeing a good lift.


What equipment would you like in your home gym? Let us know.