We're with you at every step of the way

An easy, step by step process to get your home gym built in no time.

Delivering a great service shouldn't ever be complicated, especially not on your part. We're here to reduce any complexities or any labour intensive tasks. The equipment itself should match your goals, which we can advise and guide upon and the installation should be done professionally. Something for which we do for free to remove any friction that may cause you to think twice about getting a home gym.

Step 1.

A conversation...

It all starts with a phone call or a message to kick things off. We’ll get to understand your needs, the equipment you want, the exercises you like and the size of the space you have.

Step 2.

A quote...

We’ll put together a quote for you based on what we’ve discussed. We’ll try and get it as accurate as possible from the get go but of course, as the designs evolve, the layout and kit can change.

Step 3.

The Design...

If you’d like to go ahead with the initial quote, we’ll then get to work on the designs. Each design is perfectly tailored to your space and personal goals. We create an 3D CAD drawing so you can better understand the scale and the working space you’ll have.

Step 4.

The Install...

After the design is finalised, it’s then time to schedule a date and install your kit. We’ll arrange the whole project, so this means we’ll order your gym equipment and bring it on site, to your home ready to build and install. Leaving you with a complete home gym.

We make the process extremely simple. We're here to take the work away from you so that you only need to focus on your workouts and exercise routines.