Welcome to the Prime Home Gym Showroom

As you may already know, at Prime Home Gyms, we transform, convert and renovate spare rooms, garages and outdoor spaces into stunning home gym setups. We’ve been installing gym equipment in our customer’s homes for some time now and we wanted to share what we’ve been up to and how we intend to showcase our services and the types of gym equipment we fit. So, we converted our unit into a showroom, which we’re now proud to welcome customer’s into and discuss their plans for installing a home gym. We absolutely love hearing these plans and the excitement given off by customer’s just talking about it, excites us and it’s why we love to do what we do.

Having a showroom has been such a massive benefit to display and demonstrate the types of gym equipment that we install in our customers homes. Although we do cover the entire UK, providing our home gym installation service and fitting gym equipment as far south as Cornwall and as far north as Scotland, we still wanted to be able to provide an experience for our local customers within Frome and the surrounding areas across Somerset, Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire, Devon and Dorset.

“We wanted to be a little different to the new normal which has now seems to have become solely communicating with customers via email or over the phone. We wanted to provide a personal, real experience – kind of like John Lewis but for home gyms.”

We wanted a central location where we could meet with our customers to advise and guide them on specific pieces of gym equipment, face to face, so that they have everything they need to know, there and then. Our customers can also try the equipment they’re looking to buy, before they’ve made a purchase to know if it’s suitable for them because, let’s be honest, quality gym equipment isn’t cheap. And, nor should it be. It’s an investment. A long term commitment to health and fitness that really shouldn’t have a price. But, it does have a price and making sure the correct gym kit is chosen for people’s homes, is really crucial.

Frome, in Somerset was a great location to put our showroom and have as our home gym HQ because within about a 60 mile radius there’s lot’s of surrounding cities and towns. For example, cities like Cardiff, Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Bournemouth, Exeter, Portsmouth, Salisbury, Swindon, Southampton are well within reach and in the direct vicinity for our home gym services. There’s also places like Weston-Super-Mare, Yeovil, Poole, Taunton, Andover and Newbury that’s within a short drive to visit our home gym showroom, talk about their plans for their home gym and choose their equipment.

Also, being in the heart of Somerset, is not only a great spot for people visiting our home gym showroom but it also allows us easy access to come and look at the space’s customers want transforming into a home gym. Easily visiting our customer’s spare rooms, garages or outdoor spaces so that we can plan and design the home gym build and install, is a bonus. And, places outside of this radius doesn’t deter us, we’re still willing to travel around the country to plan and design the home gym build but there’s no doubt, being closer allows customers to travel here to see our showroom and allows us to easily do site visits.

Being able to showcase gym equipment before customer’s have fully made up their mind on building a home gym is a huge benefit and we try to showcase many, different types of equipment. Of course, we keep a complete rack set up with a bench, bar, plates, pull up and dip attachments to display the sheer amount of variation you do with this home gym equipment. We also keep a treadmill, a double cable pulley and other machines like a cross stepper and an assault bike but we also showcase the lighting, flooring and functional equipment that customers could have in their home gym. Our equipment is likely to change as there’s so many different types that we could display, so make sure you don’t miss out on seeing the kit you want, when we’ve got it on show! We’ll let you know what we have on show at certain times via our social media channels.

If you’re thinking of building or installing a home gym and you’re relatively local to Frome, Bath, Bradford on Avon, Trowbridge, Bristol or the places we mentioned previously. Please, do pop in, see the equipment and chat to the experts about building a home gym. We’re always happy to help and we’ll even put the kettle on!